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  • The US Sentate plans for a series of nine "AI Insight Forums"

The US Sentate plans for a series of nine "AI Insight Forums"

PLUS: 2 tools that help you prep for your meetings and streamline outbound recruiting emails.


Today we cover the news from from the Senate that there are plans for a series of insight forums to get Congress up to speed and educated about AI.

We also highlight a tool that help you prepare for your online meetings and AI that aids in outbound recruiting efforts.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans a series of nine "AI Insight Forums" (🔗 link)

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to hold a series of nine “AI Insight Forums” with AI experts in the fall.

The forums will convene tech experts with different perspectives to discuss the hardest questions that regulations on AI will seek to address, including how to protect workers, national security and copyright and to defend against “doomsday scenarios”.

The events are set to bring the big AI players together with US lawmakers to help them understand the industry before they seek to create guardrails for AI.

Leading newsrooms are blocking OpenAI from scraphing their websites (🔗 link)

News organizations are blocking access to ChatGPT as they wage a cold war on A.I.

A multitude of leading newsrooms incluidng Disney, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Axios, Insider, ABC News and The New York Times have recently injected code into their websites that blocks OpenAI’s web crawler, GPTBot, from scanning their platforms for content.

A16Z launces a series of articles articulating the economics of generative AI. (🔗 link)

The series of articles delves into the challenges that startups have historically faced in achieving high growth and profitability through AI, primarily due to the heavy upfront investment, long-tail complexities, and accuracy requirements.

However, it argues that the advent of generative AI and foundation models is a game-changer, offering unprecedented levels of consumer adoption, scalability, and economic viability that could potentially transform various industries on a scale comparable to the microchip and the internet.

🛠️ 2 TOOLS

Supermanage.ai (🔗 link)

Supermanage AI is a tool that prepares you for your one-on-one meetings by distilling the relevant information from your team’s Slack channels into a customized employee brief.

Kula.ai (🔗 link)

Kula.ai is an outbound recruitment automation platform that provides recruiters the ability to personalized messages through various channels and across multi-step flows.


Customer Service - How Thread streamlined IT workflows and improved customer service using generative AI

The Information Technology (IT) sector is notorious for its high-pressure environment, where professionals often juggle multiple tasks from troubleshooting to customer interactions.

One of the most time-consuming aspects that IT professionals deal with is administrative tasks such as logging time entries and summarizing customer interactions.

These are essential for profitability and quality assurance but can detract from the core function of providing excellent service to customers.

The Problem

For IT technicians, every minute spent on administrative tasks like logging time entries is a minute not spent on solving technical issues for clients.

This creates a disconnect between customers and service desks, impacting both customer satisfaction and profitability. Traditional service tickets are notorious for causing delays and are often cumbersome for both the service provider and the customer.

The Solution

Thread took a novel approach by eliminating the traditional service ticket system and created a generative AI workflow that automates time entries and streamlines service request assignments.

Conversations between the IT professional and the customer are summarized and the AI automatically enters the bullet points of the conversation directly into the software.

When testing for accuracy they found that about 80% of the automated time entries were accepted immediately and each technician was saving over an hour a day in data entry.

Over the course of a month significant amount of non-billable time was recaptured and technicians where able to take that extra time and apply it to serving customers.

The Take Away

As AI continues to evolve, we can expect it to see more innovations that enhance operational efficiency and contribute to profitability across the business.

In Thread’s case the key to driving impact was leveraging AI exponentially to save time so employees could concentrate their efforts on enhancing the customer experience and adding enterprise value.

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