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Empowering Commercial Real Estate Brokers with AI-Driven Action Services

PLUS: A look at Microsoft's VASA-1 and Meta's new Llama-3 models.


This week we discuss how AI is being integrated into the commercial real estate industry helping sellers and brokers query their own data to drive business growth without the middle man/woman.

We also highlight some news of the week including Microsoft’s release of AI animated portraits and Meta’s game changing open source models.

Let’s get to it!


Microsoft Introduces VASA-1 AI That Animates Portraits (🔗 link)

Microsoft has unveiled VASA-1, a groundbreaking AI framework capable of making static human headshots talk and sing.. This technology not only pushes the boundaries of AI in media production but also raises important ethical questions about the use of synthetic media. By animating still images, VASA-1 could transform areas such as virtual meetings, customer service avatars, and digital entertainment. It also necessitates discussions around consent and the potential for misuse, emphasizing the need for clear guidelines and responsible use. The link above blew my mind when I first saw it.

Meta's New Llama 3 Models Boost Open Source AI (🔗 link)

Meta's release of the new Llama 3 AI models, which rivals the performance of OpenAI’s GPT4, represents a significant push towards enhancing the capabilities of open-source AI tools. These models not only expand the accessibility of high-quality AI resources to a broader range of developers but also promote transparency and collaborative development in the AI field. This move could potentially accelerate innovation across various sectors, democratizing AI development and encouraging a more diverse ecosystem of AI applications. ‘Open source’ is still not in the lead but with this release we are getting close.

AI as a Strategic Advantage in Finance: Insights from Goldman Sachs CEO (🔗 link)

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon recently underscored the transformative impact of AI on the finance industry. Solomon's comments reflect a broader industry trend where financial giants leverage AI to enhance decision-making, improve customer services, and optimize operational efficiencies. This endorsement from a leading financial figure like Solomon highlights AI's role as not just a technological tool but a strategic asset that is reshaping the long term competitive strategy for businesses. Wallstreet is taking notice 👀


Empowering Commercial Real Estate Brokers with AI-Driven Action Services

In the world of commercial real estate, the integration of innovative technologies can significantly differentiate a firm from its competitors. For this week’s use case we are discussing an extention to Chat GPT Enterprise that Simply Augmented built in collaboration with a multinational commercial real estate firm interested in transforming their US operations.

One aspect of this collaboration hinged on the development of 'action services,' a sophisticated combination of AI-driven front-end web applications and back-end APIs. This system was specifically designed to enable commercial brokers to access a vast dataset of US commercial leases directly, alleviating the bottleneck previously caused by the dependency on limited research team resources.

These action services allow brokers to utilize natural language processing to query data efficiently. By interfacing directly with ChatGPT, brokers can articulate their data needs in plain English, and the AI assists them in refining their queries to produce precise results. This level of autonomy not only speeds up the data retrieval process but also enhances the brokers' ability to respond quickly to market opportunities. The system also integrates robust security measures, ensuring user authentication and data integrity, which are critical in the highly regulated real estate industry.

The impact of Simply Augmented's solution on the commercial real estate firm has been profound. Brokers now enjoy a level of independence and efficiency that was previously unattainable, which has led to quicker transactions and more satisfied clients.

The success of these kinds of action services has set the stage for further revenue efficiency across other divisions allowing for profitable scale across the firm that was difficult to achieve previously.

Check out the case study and customer story here.

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