ChatGPT4 + Bing: Access current information on the internet

PLUS: How to easily chat with your own data and quickly search your documents


Today we have news from OpenAI and a great new hack that can extend ChatGPT-4 to search up-to-date content on the internet. You’re no longer limited to information that stops at 2021. We will walk you through exactly how to set this up.

We also talk a little about how to use an AI assitant to chat with your own data and documents. For this week’s use case example, we cover how to use a powerful marketing framework to prompt ChatGPT for social content that will hook your audience and drive inbound leads.

Let’s get to it!


The McKinsey Report on AI, released in June 2023, posits that generative AI, with its ability to automate up to 70% of employees' time, will create up to $4.4 trillion of annual value in the global economy, transforming rather than negating work​.

Customer operations, marketing and sales, software engineering, and research and development are the key areas expected to benefit, exemplified by AI's role in increasing customer service efficiency, generating personalized creative content, and streamlining the writing of computer code.

Interestingly, the report’s key take away underscores the necessary role humans still play in harnessing AI's potential, thereby hinting at a future where AI and humans work symbiotically.

This belief we call “employees in the loop” is one that we strongly share.

Generative AI has revolutionized human to machine interaction, but creating these advanced technologies requires a specific set of technical skills and deep industry experience, often honed at large tech companies.

However, these large firms are now racing to retain talent as they're being outpaced by a new generation of AI-centric startups, which have become hotbeds of innovation.

A new report by Lightspeed Venture Partners details exactly which AI firms are leading in the acquisition of the best technical talent, offering insights into the origins of these in-demand professionals.

These are key new players that you will want to keep your eyes on.

At the Data and AI Summit in San Francisco, Databricks announced several enhancements to its data lakehouse platform, including advancements in generative AI, data governance and data lakehouse monitoring.

These announcements coincide with the Snowflake Summit in Las Vegas, presenting a range of symmetries between Databricks and Snowflake in terms of innovation and ambition.

Both companies unveiled services and features at varying stages of release emphasizing the competitive, yet parallel, trajectories in the evolving AI and data management landscape.

This simultaneous flurry of innovation underscores an escalating race among data storage companies, all vying to carve out their niche and lead in the fast-paced, high-stakes world of AI technology and data management.

Stay tune…this data AI race is about to get interesting.



ChatGPT-4 finally has the ability to use Bing as a search tool, making it more resourceful and up-to-date in providing information.

This feature allows ChatGPT to access the internet (post 2021) and fetch real-time data broadening its knowledge and providing more timely and accurate responses.

This is something that everyone should have access to and will immediately increase the quality of your results coming out of ChatGPT.

For OpenAI monthly subscribers, you can activate this feature easily by clicking on "GPT-4" at the top of the screen, selecting "Browse with Bing (Beta)", and then simply asking ChatGPT any question that would require internet access.


We recently experienced the power of using AI for document analysis across a range of mediums, including financial reports, sales insights, project proposals, training manuals, and legal contracts.

Once you discover the ease of navigating large documents, extracting detailed summaries, and referencing footnotes, you'll appreciate the significance of integrating such capabilities within your organization to manage various types of information and you might never go back.

It’s always important to remember that while you utilize AI to chat with your data, it is critical that your private company documents remain strictly confidential and are not shared externally.

Explore these features by uploading a PDF of your choice to ChatPDF at the link provided above. If you need a PDF for testing here is a sample for you to download and try.


Social Selling: How to create marketing hooks using ChatGPT + a powerful lead gen framework (PAIPS)

How many of you want to hook your audience and get them to listen to what you have to offer?

This technique works for marketing messages and sales emails and you can make it easier and faster by using AI to streamline the process and increase the volume of output.

Below we briefly explain the PAIPS concept and then give you a free prompt to copy and paste it into ChatGPT for amazing results that will transform your marketing, sales and add copy.

PAIPS Explained…

PAIN - Begin by highlighting a pain point or problem that resonates deeply with your audience, designed to evoke a strong emotional response and prompt them to continue reading.

AGITATE - Next, agitate the problem by diving deeper into its implications, aiming to evoke a sense of urgency or discomfort that makes the reader yearn for a solution.

INTRIGUE - Introduce an intriguing concept or idea, something that piques the reader's curiosity and prompts them to maintain their interest in your content.

POSITIVE FUTURE - Paint a picture of a positive future, a vision that is tied to the intriguing element you introduced earlier, giving the reader a glimpse of what could be possible.

SOLUTION - Finally, present your solution - a response directly tied to the initial problem you highlighted, providing a clear, tangible resolution that appeals to your reader.

Using this PAIPS framework again and again, you can craft compelling social posts for any topic that not only hooks your reader but also guides them through a journey from identifying a problem to discovering a solution.

Copy and Paste the prompt below along with your topic in brackets and that it. Watch the leads flow in and you can thank us later. 😀 

Free ChatGPT Prompt Below  👇🏼


You are a social media expert who understands what content goes viral on the internet and you write your content with this in mind. Your writing plays on human emotion, sparks intrigue, is counter narrative, is personal, and makes people stop scrolling and click for more.

Here is the PAIPS writing framework that I want you to follow:

1. Problem:

The 1st line highlights a painful problem that people experience. This line is intended to elicit a strong emotional response and get the reader to the next line.

2. Agitate:

Next, you get under the reader's skin and makes them agitated. Once someone is agitated, they are much more likely to be open to a solution.

3. Intrigue:

Next, introduce something intriguing that makes them think. I want the audience to think, "Wait, what's that?" Your goal is to get them to lean in with interest to carry them through the content.

4. Positive Future:

Now that you have the audience's attention, paint a picture of what a positive future would look like. The positive future is tied to something intriguing.

5. Solution:

The last step is to introduce our solution which should be tied to the problem.

Follow this structure for all posts:

Each section is no more than 280 characters
Each sentence in a section is followed by a carriage return
Don't use numbers for each sentence
Don't use emojis


{Insert Topic Here}


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