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  • Amazon, Box, Salesforce, Oracle leverage custom AI to solve internal problems

Amazon, Box, Salesforce, Oracle leverage custom AI to solve internal problems

PLUS: How to easily train an AI assistant to write in your own brand voice


Today we have news from Meta about the release of a their new rival to Twitter along with a great new hack that can extend ChatGPT-4 to write in your own personal writing style.

We also talk a little about how big companies are designing internal AI assistants to extend their employees capabilities to scale operations. For this week’s use case example, we cover how to use an AI assistant to help your customer service or customer success team answer custom inquiries in record time.

Let’s get to it!


Big companies are leveraging Azure Open AI to build there own internal chatbot assistants. (link)

Tech companies including Amazon, Box, Cisco, Salesforce, and Oracle are rapidly developing generative A.I. products to satisfy growing demand from employees internally, with applications ranging from code production and document analysis to meeting summaries and HR team functionalities.

These innovative tools are being utilized across various areas such as sales, marketing, messaging services, and human resources.

These big companies understand the importance of security and training the internal AI assistant on the particulars of their business.

As we all know every business is different. Look for this trend of building custom internal chatbots to extend to smaller and mid-market companies.

Meta unveils the new Threads app to compete with directly with Twitter. (link)

Meta has launched an application called "Threads", aimed at users seeking an alternative to Twitter, which has seen frequent and unpopular changes under Elon Musk's ownership.

Available in over 100 countries, including the U.S., Britain, Australia, Canada, and Japan, Threads is a text-based version of Instagram, providing a new platform for real-time updates and public conversations.

With millions of sign-ups in the first hours Meta is making huge waves and getting the attention of Twitter, which quickly filed a lawsuit claiming IP infringement.

This will be an evolving story for sure…stay tuned.

Marc Andreesen talks Generative AI with Sam Harris in an interview you won’t want to miss. (link)

One of our favotire podasters Sam Harris engages in a conversation with renowned innovator Marc Andreessen about the future of artificial intelligence, positive AI outcomes, alienation issues, evolution significance, and AI regulation.

Andreessen, a co-founder of the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, has a rich history of innovation, with notable contributions such as the Mosaic internet browser and Netscape, and currently serves on the boards of multiple tech companies, including Meta.

Andreesen is one of the key voices of reason who speaks elequently about AI, while trying to look past the hype. Worth the listen.

🛠️ 2 TOOLS

How to use an AI assistant for social media repurpossing in your own brand voice.

Training an AI to emulate your brand voice is crucial for enhancing brand identity and providing a consistent customer experience. It can facilitate seamless interactions across different platforms, making the brand more relatable and personal to customers.

In combination with AI content creation it allows for efficient scaling of social media efforts by generating content faster than human writers.

This can be created with custom designed AI assistants or stand alone point solution like GoCharlie and MarketMuse.

As you begin to use AI for marketing workflows, you will begin to see the difference between generic content output and AI that understands your brand voice and identity.

Teaching an AI assistant to write in your own style

Promoting an AI to write in your personal style allows for a unique and consistent voice across all generated content, enhancing brand identity and authenticity.

Through machine learning algorithms and natural language processing, AI can analyze your writing patterns, vocabulary, and tone, replicating them to produce content that aligns with your distinctive style.

Here is a free prompt that can get you started. Copy and paste this right into ChatGPT to test it out for yourself.

// AI Prompt //

You are a writing expert and have deep expertise in [insert topic].

Your writing plays on human emotion, sparks intrigue, is counter narrative, personal, and makes people stop and think.
You are able to articulate complex concepts in simple ways for everyone to understand.
Your writing has an excellent ability to influence others and garner attention.

Here are some specifications for a tweet: • Don't include commas • Don't include hashtags Don’t include emojis • No more than 280 characters •
Separate each sentence by a double line break

Learn my writing style from the following tweet:


{I believe the importance of basic human skills in the age of AI is more critical than ever before.

In order to facilitate technology adoption we need lots of people with:

• Verbal and written communication
• Emotional intelligence
• Problem solving Prioritise these skills.}

Now write me 10 more tweets on [insert topic] using my writing style:


Use Case: Boosting Customer Satisfaction, Success and Sales with AI Assistant

Implementing an AI assistant inside your customer support team can drastically affect the efficiency and effectiveness of a small team’s ability to manage a large customer base.

Quick responses are critical in customer service, often making the difference between a successful lead conversion and a lost opportunity.

With an AI assistant, queries can be answered almost instantly, reducing wait times and significantly improving customer satisfaction.

This kind of custom AI assitant can operate 24/7, providing an always-on resource for your customers and junior staff — essentially a constantly available mentor offering expert guidance.

This AI availability can enhance the learning curve for junior team members and improve their proficiency.

Tech Example

Imagine a small tech startup, AlphaTech, which provides an innovative project management tool. As the user base grows rapidly, the small customer success team finds it challenging to handle the increasing volume of customer queries and support tickets.

To address this, AlphaTech decides to implement an AI assistant.

With the AI assistant integrated into their automated customer service chatbot, frequently asked questions are handled instantaneously, freeing up the human team to focus on more complex queries.

The junior staff find the AI assistant to be an invaluable resource. When faced with complex or unfamiliar queries, they can consult the AI, which is trained to provide expert guidance based on a comprehensive knowledge base and past resolution strategies.

This instant access to expert knowledge accelerates their learning process and boosts their confidence in dealing with customers.

Over time, AlphaTech notices significant improvements. Customer satisfaction scores are up, response times are down, and they see an increase in lead conversions and sales.

By leveraging an AI assistant, businesses that have a lot of inbound inquiries are able to meet customer expectations for quick responses while also creating an effective learning tool for their staff.

Thats a wrap!

We’ll see you again next week. Please send us your thoughts and any ideas you have to improve this content. If you have any questions you can reach out to us at [email protected]


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